Monday, March 1, 2010


Matty took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.

1. Battle Cat & Trap Jaw both sold out in a record amount of time and due to multiple technical issues many MOTUC fans are feeling left out in the cold because they couldn’t get their figures. After 14 months of operation, something needs to be done. One popular idea is to limit the number of figures people can buy at a time, for example making the limit two instead of ten. Is this at all possible or are fans out of luck until the re-release?

Actually, very few customers are buying more than two figures. We want to keep the ten options for those international customers who requested this to help with shipping.

2. What went into choosing a character like Mo-Larr, who debuted on Robot Chicken, as one of two SDCC MOTUC items?

Mo-Larr came about from a meeting Toy Guru had with Matt and Seth at SDCC a few years back. Doing Mo-Larr is a great way to bring some attention to the line and offer a figure just for pure fun!

3. Since you cannot comment officially on licenses you do not have, in a scenario where you already own the rights to, manufacture, and distribute figures for an intellectual property that you obtained the rights to from a company, can you provide a general list of barriers and obstacles that make it difficult or perhaps impossible to acquire the rights to other unique intellectual properties owned by the same company?

Sorry, this is not something we can share with the public.

4. Will the coupons issued out to subscribers for Battle Cat carry over to other items in the future as many couldn't use them to order?

If you did not redeem your coupon this time you may do so when he goes back on sale in the fall.

5. Is She-Ra's cape removable?

Yes. If you pop her head off, the cape slips off.

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