Tuesday, March 16, 2010

COMIC REVIEW: 28 Days Later #8 (BOOM! Studios)

I love zombie/survival stories, and BOOM! Studios' 28 Days Later is fast climbing to the top of the list. Writer Michael Alan Nelson and artist Declan Shalvey keep me intrigued issue after issue. It has it all: infected people, normal people running from infected people, and best of all, normal people killing infected people.

We pick up where we left off last issue, with Selena and Clint trying to make it to the pharmacy, with Douglas in tow. Nelson doesn't wait to start the action, and like most good zombie stories, it begins with a bunch of infected crashing through a window. The whole issue is one long chase sequence in the very best way. Selena kicks major ass (girl power!) on every page, and Clint makes a great partner. The story wraps up with a couple of characters learning a very valuable lesson. If you want to know who and what that lesson is, well, you've got to pick up the book.

I look forward to seeing this one on BOOM!'s list of new releases every month because it's action-packed and well-written. Take it from a girl who loves her zombie stories--this is a can't miss.

Stacey Rader
Review Editor

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