Wednesday, March 17, 2010

COMIC REVIEW: Superman Red Son: The Motion Comic (DC)

"Strange Visitor from another world who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands and who, as the champion of the common worker, fights a never ending battle for Stalin, Socialism and the international expansion of the Warsaw act".

That's right folks, this isn't the Superman that we or our parents grew up with. In this elseworlds tale Superman lands in Russia instead of Kansas. For all those that haven't already read the 3 part Red Son story from 2004 go and grab a trade paperback at any of your local comic shops. It's worth a read.

Now the motion comic is a fairly new entity in comics but is catching on real quick. It started with Watchmen The Motion Comic and has branched off to cover some of DC's bigger books. Unlike Watchmen there are different voice actors and they all do a fantastic job, and really get you into the story.

I love the old time feeling it has to, it is set in the 50's when the story begins by the way. It has all the meat that the book provided but just released at a faster pace. Lex Luthor is the movie's main "hero" and throughout the story he takes on Superman in one way or the other. Batman is a freedom fighter that shows up after Superman becomes "President" of the European nations. He wants to end Superman's grip on the planet and restore humanity to the thrones of leadership.

The only real problem with this Motion Comic is that fact that it is too short. The total play time is about 70 minutes, it could have been a little bit more enjoyable if it was stretched out like Watchmen. There are 12 chapters and each chapter contains 2 three minute stories. All and all though it was very enjoyable.

Unfortunately they don't seem to have a release date for it so this might not come to DVD. You can find it however on the PSP/PS3 store or on iTunes. The episodes are 99. cents a piece but definitely a good buy if your looking for something to watch or a fan of the series.

Rick Alaia
Staff Reviewer

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