Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Finally, Masters of the Universe makes its return to retail. This month, exclusively at Toys R' Us, a pair of special two packs featuring DC Universe and Masters of the Universe Classics figures were released. Each pack features a reprint of a classic 1980's crossover comic. I'm going to be taking a look at the Skeletor figure from the Skeletor vs. Lex Luthor 2 pack.

This is a simple repaint of the re-released Skeletor figure with the tighter left hand, with an eye towards capturing his bolder comic appearance. While the paint on the head is less detailed than the other versions, the paint on the armor features a richer purple color and new metallic highlights. The crossbones are painted in a metallic purple, similar to the paint scheme on the Faker armor. This is a great detail that should have been implemented on the very first release of the character. Another difference in this figure is that there seems to be a pronounced gap in the area around the ab joint near the waist whereas this is much tighter in my original Skeletor.

The hood is also painted the same richer purple as the armor and the loincloth. Instead of the yellow and green face deco on the original, this new Skeletor features a uniform yellow face and unpainted eye sockets that give him a more Filmation look. The teeth are also outlined in black paint which is a little sloppy on my figure. The two pack Skeletor also includes an exclusive yellow and gold version of the powersword, previously seen at the recent art exposition.

I highly recommend this new Skeletor. It represents major improvements over the two previously versions of the character. I particularly like the new purple color used throughout and the great metallic paint on the bones. This is my definitive version of the character until Keldor comes out and I can kitbash a new, more cartoon-based version of the character.

Patrick Garone
Creative Director


Anonymous said...

Damn. I hate to be the one to tell you this but the reason that new Skeletor has more of a gap then the original one is that he's put together wrong. Your figures ab section is reversed. So what you see in the pic is his back instead of his abs. I had to go check to make sure mine wasn't like that. Thankfully it's correct. Hopefully you kept the package so you can take him back for another....

Patrick Garone said...

Ah! You're right! Unfortunately, I didn't save the packaging but I guess I'll have to do a little switchout with my old Skeletor. Thanks for pointing that out, I totally missed it.