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COMIC NEWS: PREVIEWS Next: May issue Spotlights Dark Horse’s Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #1 and DC’s Batman: Odyssey #1


New issue arrives in comic shops April 28 and features products on sale beginning July 2010

In the 1990s, Valiant Comics’ Jim Shooter put his mark on several beloved characters originally brought to comics by Gold Key Comics. Among them was Doctor Solar. Now Shooter reintroduces the hero with DOCTOR SOLAR, MAN OF THE ATOM #1, the start of an all-new, ongoing series from Dark Horse that’s spotlighted with the front cover of May’s PREVIEWS, the comic shops’ catalog.

On May 1, Dark Horse’s Free Comic Book Day title Doctor Solar/Magnus will give readers just a taste of this new series from Shooter, which re-establishes the origin of Doctor Solar – a man able to control energy after being affected by a thermonuclear catastrophe. However, while his powers are incredible, this hero will be challenged by an equally astounding villain with the power to create life.

May PREVIEWS’ back cover is just as eye-catching and features DC Comics’ BATMAN: ODYSSEY #1, the first chapter of a six-part mini-series from legendary creator Neal Adams. Along with writer Dennis O’Neil, Adams added many layers to Batman for DC during the Silver Age of comics, and his fans have long waited for him to the world of the Caped Crusader. Adams gives fans their wish by serving as Odyssey’s writer and artist, telling a story that sees the Dark Knight Detective face a series of seemingly unrelated challenges. But is there a greater threat behind them all?

May PREVIEWS editorial features:

Featured Theme
“Summer Movie Mania!” – Summer is known as a time when it seems like each new weekend comes with a new box office blockbuster. In recent years, some of the biggest summer films have been based upon comic books, or that likewise inspire new comic series. That trend continues in 2010 with the release of movies like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Losers, Iron Man 2, The A-Team, Jonah Hex, Toy Story 3, and more.

Jim Shooter – This month’s creator feature spotlights Jim Shooter, the previously mentioned creator behind Dark Horse’s new Doctor Solar series and the former Editor-in-Chief of both Marvel Comics and Valiant Comics. In the feature, Shooter shares his current comic reading list with PREVIEWS fans.

Sneak Peeks
In May, comic fans are given a 12-page preview of Image Comics’ Fractured Fables graphic novel as well as previews of the publisher’s Lady Robotika #1, Sweets #1, Officer Downe, Dawn: Not to Touch the Earth, and Hell City. Additionally, DC/Vertigo is also giving readers a glimpse of the Cuba: My Revolution graphic novel.

Jim Lee Interview
Titan Books’ May-solicited Icons: The DC and WildStorm Art of Jim Lee profiles the illustrious career of this comic book great, and in this interview, Lee discusses his creative process, this new title, his work on the highly anticipated DC Universe Online video game, and much more. The interview begins in PREVIEWS and will be posted in full on

Plus: Staff Picks, our Top 100 Comics and Bestseller Charts, and much more!

May PREVIEWS’ Hottest Items
May PREVIEWS’ Gems of the Month
The Gems of the Month from March’s catalog include: Dark Horse Comics’ Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #1 and Star Wars: Old Republic #1, DC Comics’ Batman: Odyssey #1 and DC/WildStorm’s Ex Machina #50, IDW’s True Blood #1, Image Comics’ Fractured Fables hardcover and Lady Robotika #1, Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man #638, and Wizard Entertainment’s Wizard #228.

May’s PREVIEWS Exclusives
This month, we’re offering a new batch of PREVIEWS Exclusives (PX), items you can only order through PREVIEWS, including: Changes’ Halo Legends: Master Chief Sketch Olive T-Shirt; Diamond Select Toys’ Halo

PREVIEWS Next: May Issue’s Covers & Features (Cont’d)

Minimates Boxed Set #1 & Warthog Vehicle; Mad Engine’s Captain America: Rendered Shield Black T-Shirt, Ghostbusters: Ghost Logo Glow-in-the-Dark Charcoal T-Shirt, Magneto: Outsight Black T-Shirt, Spider-Man: Peeping Spidey Red T-Shirt, Star Wars: Galactic Boba Gold T-Shirt, and Star Wars: Glow-in-the-Dark Black T-Shirt; Titan Books’ Icons: The DC and WildStorm Art of Jim Lee; and Vanguard Productions’ The Art of Neal Adams Deluxe Signed Edition Hardcover with Slipcase.

All this and more is waiting in the May issue of PREVIEWS, which hits your local comic shop on Wednesday, April 28th at a cover price of $4.50. Ask your comic shop retailer on how you can qualify for a free issue. Pre-orders are due to your comic shop by May 15th for merchandise in this issue.

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