Thursday, April 22, 2010

COMIC REVIEW: Magdalena #1 (Top Cow)


As long as I've been reading comics and reading about comics, there are so many characters I have heard of but have never read. Top Cow's Magdalena is one of those characters. After reading the first issue in the new Magdalena series, I'm wondering why I just now discovered this title. Take the adventure and snark of Danger Girl and mix it with BPRD-style demon hunting, and you have Ron Marz's Magdalena.


When reading this book I got the sense that there was an established story, but Marz does a great job of bringing new readers into the mythos of Magdalena. He skillfully integrates the history into conversations so it doesn't feel like a recap. In this book the first encounter we have with Patience, the current Magdalena, is in conversations about her. She's gone rogue, and there is another Magdalena-in-training waiting in the wings. Kristof travels to Elba to find Patience, who is a dynamic character. Her dialogue with Kristof is snappy--she doesn't pull any punches. She's flirtatious, but she's also very serious about her issues with the Church. Marz also throws in a little demon-hunting action for good measure, and it all adds up to a great first issue.

Along with this story, Top Cow assembled a phenomenal art team for this book. Nelson Blake II's pencils, augmented by Sal Regla's inks and Dave McCaig's colors are beautiful. The splash describing the history of the Magdalena is one of the most gorgeous splashes I've seen in a while. They even make the demon-hunting pretty. The most beautiful piece of all is Ryan Sook's cover art, but then I would say that about any book where Ryan Sook works his cover magic.

All in all this is a fantastic relaunch of a Top Cow title. It made me want to go back and read more of the past Magdalena stories, as well as adding this to my pull list. It's interesting, fun, and exciting.

Stacey Rader
Review Editor

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