Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TOY NEWS: DC COMICS...For the first time ever!


Brand New To Funko...
Seen By Very Few...
DC Comics!

It looks like 'The Man of Steel' is going soft on us. Funko presents this SUPER squishy, SUPER cute 7" DC Comic plush…Keep the kryptonite far away from this SUPERMAN.

BATMAN, 'The Caped Crusader', 'The Dark Knight', 'The World’s Greatest Detective' or simply 'The Bat'…Call him what you like but no matter how you cut it, this 7" DC Comic plush will still be just as adorable.

This DC Comic character, known as FLASH, may only have one superpower…But don't be fooled this 7" super soft plush will be flying off the shelves FASTER THAN FAST !

The Power Ring is one of the strongest weapons in the universe, and can be very dangerous…But not on the hand of this handsome 7" super soft DC Comic plush! …and so I shall shed my light over dark evil. For the dark things cannot stand the light, the light of the GREEN LANTERN!

If you are a villain, you might want to refrain from purchasing these SUPER HEROES...
Kind, good-hearted, “regular” people…Pre-Order NOW!

You will also be able to personalize your workspace...
Let everyone in the office know how AWESOME you are!
We are proud to be adding DC Comics to our very popular…
Computer Sitter Line!

Batman without the Batmobile?
That’s like Noah without his Ark…
Or Hasselhoff without Knight Rider?
Come on!!! I’m trying here.
Regardless of how horrible my jokes are…
This BATMOBILE is sure to please!

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