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Kotobukiya x x Cure

Kotobukiya is pleased to announce the arrival of OTACOOL 2: WORLDWIDE COSPLAYERS in June 2010! In collaboration with the world famous Otaku website and the Internet’s largest cosplay destination Cure, OTACOOL 2 promises even more stimulating and groundbreaking content. In keeping with the same concept of “OTAKU is COOL”, the next volume of OTACOOL will focus on cosplayers from around the world!

In November 2009, Kotobukiya released the milestone publication OTACOOL: WORLDWIDE OTAKU ROOMS in collaboration with Danny Choo. Gathering international media attention, this publication received critical acclaim for its CGM (Consumer Generated Media) approach, where content is created through the Internet in collaboration with numerous fans and readers.

Now we’re back with OTACOOL 2: WORLDWIDE COSPLAYERS. The question is “How well do you know cosplay?” If you’re not familiar with the world of cosplay, this meticulously compiled book is sure to spark your interest! In collaboration with and Cure, Kotobukiya brings you photographs of over 150 cosplayers worldwide, with participants from over 24 countries all carefully selected from over 500 submissions. We also held an online “OTACOOL Original Mascot Contest”, with more then 30 illustrators participating. French illustrator Vinhnyu’s character “Oda Kurumi” has been selected as Kotobukiya’s official Otacool mascot.

Oda Kurumi
Illustration by Vinhnyu

With plans to feature Vinhnyu’s illustrations in future OTACOOL promotions and publications we look forward to seeing more work from this up and coming artist. Written in both English and Japanese, OTACOOL 2: WORLDWIDE COSPLAYERS is energetic, innovative and simply fun!

Not only does OTACOOL 2: WORLDWIDE COSPLAYERS feature numerous cosplayers, it also explores the various aspects of this culture through extensive interviews with the companies, websites, and individuals connected with this worldwide phenomenon. Additionally, the fundamentals, rules, and etiquette of cosplay are explained in full detail for people who want to get involved right away!

 Cosplay Theory of Evolution by Tatsumi Inui (Cure – World’s Largest Cosplay Community Site)
 Interviews with Wada Yosuke (COSPA – Japan’s #1 Cosplay Goods Company), Danny Choo (World’s Most Famous Otaku) and Kaname (World Famous Cosplayer)
 World Wide Cosplayers including Alodia Gosiengfiao / Francesca Dani / Yaya Han + more!
 Japanese Cosplayers Ai Amano / -aira- / Aoichi Akira + more!
 Introduction to Cosplay
 Guide on Cosplay Name Cards
 The Premier of the Official Otacool Mascot Character – Oda Kurumi!



OTACOOL 2: Worldwide Cosplayers
Publisher: Kotobukiya
Release date: April 2010 (Japan) June (International)
Price: 1,575 yen.
Speck: A5 size・128pages・full color
ISBN: 978-4-7753-0807-3
IEN# YK042
© Kotobukiya 2010

For more information please visit the following sites:

Kotobukiya official website:

OTACOOL official website:

Danny Choo’s official website:

Cure official website:
Vinhnyu at deviantart:

The first English/Japanese language book that introduces readers to over 108 cool and stylish Otaku rooms worldwide. Capturing the Otaku culture from a totally new angle, OTACOOL showcases a diverse range of incredible Otaku rooms with plenty of in-depth spotlights and special guests.

Featuring internationally recognized Otaku enthusiasts such as Danny Choo and Steve Sansweet of Lucasfilm, the one and only OTACOOL WORLDWIDE OTAKU ROOMS features famous collectors, idols and sculptors with tons of photos collected from around the world!

In stores now!
SRP $29.99
© Kotobukiya 2009

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