Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mattel Action Figure Stands now on sale!

Toy collectors,

As you can see the MattyCollector.com team has been busy getting ready to roll out new product and brand pages for 2009. The Masters of the Universe Brand page is active now with new figures being added as the months trek on. Look for the latest news and updates right here on MattyCollector.com.

In addition, we have the first of our figure stands available today for purchase. Stands for DC Universe Justice League and DC Universe Classics are now ready to order in our online store. (Infinite Heroes stands are coming soon BTW!)

We are especially proud of the work the design team did on the JLU stands. Each stand was created to hold a figure one of three ways in order to be compatible with as many characters. (keep in mind not every figure will work on the stands, and larger characters like Solomon Grundy™ won't need a stand at all!)

Hope you enjoy and we'll keep these collector products coming!

See you in the toy aisles,


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