Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Matty announces DCU Classics Wave 8

Hey DCUC fans!

Big news here on MattyCollector.com. In addition to moving closer to having our DCU brand pages up (look for those in December with release calendars and picture archives!), we are thrilled to announce the premier of WAVE 8 of DCU Classics figures! Look for these to hit stores in mid-Spring 2009. Truly some of the best figures we have done to date!

Wave 8 will include:

  • Hawkgirl™
  • Gentleman Ghost™
  • Dr Fate™ (with a chase classic version)
  • Parademon™ (both Red and Yellow versions split 50/50!)
  • Mr. Terrific™
  • Vigilante
  • Commander Steel™
  • And drum roll…the Collect and Connect™ bonus figure, and our biggest yet at a whopping 10 inches is… GIGANTA™

    A great new wave with some army builders and characters who have never made it to toy shelves before! We couldn't be more thrilled with the fan support and the quality of these figures. Keep those comments coming on the message boards because we always want to hear what you have to say!

    Check out the sneak peek pics below and we'll see you in the toy aisles!


    PS: We are getting closer to announcing a release date for Adam Strange™/Starfire™ and the Justice League Unlimited™ Gotham Criminals 4 pack. Stay tuned to our news section in the next few days.

    Dr Fate™
    Dr Fate™ (classic)

    Gentleman Ghost™
    Parademon™ (both Red and Yellow versions)

    Mr. Terrific™
    Commander Steel™


    Figures shown are prototype images. Actual product may vary.

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