Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Comic News: HarperCollinsCanada signs deal with BOOM! Studios

Leading graphic novel properties to get wider distribution including Disney PIXAR and The Muppets

HarperCollinsCanada and BOOM! Studios announced an agreement today that will see BOOM!’s original and licensed graphic novels distributed through HarperCollins to book retailers across Canada. Shipments from the HarperCollinsCanada warehouse will begin in July.

Founded in 2005, BOOM! Studios publishes both periodical comic books and graphic novels. Within four months of publishing its first comic book, BOOM! Studios was named Best New Publisher by Wizard Magazine. In 2007, industry legend Mark Waid, writer of one of the best-selling graphic novels of all time, Kingdom Come, came aboard as Editor-in-Chief. This fall will see BOOM! Kids — publishing well known licensed Disney properties as The World Of Cars, Toy Story, The Incredibles and The Muppet Show — release a series of graphic novels for kids to the mass market. BOOM! continues to grow and explode, finding a wider and wider audience.

"We are extremely excited about this alliance with HarperCollinsCanada," BOOM! Studios CEO Ross Richie said, "The team at the company is an exciting, powerful group that will take BOOM! to the next level, building on our Direct Market and newsstand presence and allowing us to focus on the Canadian market in a smart, targeted way with some of the biggest and best brands in the world, such as our Pixar and Muppets comic books, as well as Farscape, Philip K. Dick's science fiction classic Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and upcoming blockbusters like Die Hard."

“BOOM! has gathered some of the world’s most cherished characters and storylines under their imprint,” said Leo MacDonald, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at HarperCollinsCanada. “We are excited to be able to bring such high-quality product to a wider Canadian marketplace.”

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