Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Comic Review: Doctor Who #1 (IDW Publishing) By Eddie R

The Doctor is definitely in..

You cannot know how overjoyed I was to hear the news of an ongoing Doctor Who series being published monthly by IDW Publishing, in conjunction with the BBC. Fellow Whovian’s on this side of the pond have been asking for this for ages now, and just like the good Doctor himself, this new ongoing series arrives just at the right moment to fill the void left after the departure of the Tenth Doctor, and the actor playing him, David Tennant.

I must admit Doctor Who #1 sets a pretty high standard for the rest of the series to follow. As you read the current issue, you get drawn into this adventure. You can feel the doctor’s presence. It has all the charm and wit of a tenth doctor adventure, without sacrificing anything. In essence, this is what the fans needed, and what they truly deserved, for their loyal dedication and following of the saga of the last of the Time Lords.

Now, the premise behind this issues ties directly into the Doctor Who TV series finale “The Stolen Earth”. It was during this adventure where the Doctor saved his companion at that time, Donna Nobel, from the devastating effects of the “biological metacrisis”, which turned her into the Doctor-Donna hybrid. Unable to live with the mind of a Time Lord, the Doctor had to wipe Donna’s memories to protect her from the effects of the metacrisis. But before doing so, she had one last request. And this adventure is the result of that final request, which the Doctor partakes in honour of Donna, which I find very fitting for a first issue.

But don’t be alarmed if you’re a newcomer to the Doctor Who Universe. Even though this story is loosely based on that past episode, someone who has never seen the series can easily get wrapped up in this amazing adventure. It’s that good. And it will make you want to see that episode, and perhaps the entire run of the Tenth Doctor. Because such is the fate of any Whovian: the end result makes you want to follow the Doctor anywhere. I should know.


Goes on sale July 15th

Eddie R
Review Co-Editor

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