Sunday, July 12, 2009

Comic Review: Booster Gold #22 (DC Comics) By Eddie R.


Sometimes we feel the little things are not important. That if something minor happens, nothing major will come out of it. Usually this is the case, but sometimes this minor mishap can be exploited and turned into something quite considerable, with unforeseen consequences. But in order for that to happen, one has to know where such a “loophole” lies, and be able to exploit it.

Booster Gold #22 takes us to a seemingly minor event in the DCU, and to be more specific the Teen Titans timeline, and allows us to see it be manipulated in order to create an alternate timeline. This allows the Black Beetle, and his mysterious associate, to set into motion a plan for a sneak attack against their main target, The Justice League of America. Of course this raises more questions than it answers. Why would someone want to attack the JLA via this manner? And who would have the expertise in order to pull off such a stunt?

As we watch Rip Hunter and Booster travel back to the event, we see flashes of the altered timeline, one where Batman’s partnered with Batgirl: Sinestro, as Green Lantern, is a founding member of the Justice League instead of Hal Jordan. And Ted Kord is a Red Beetle, instead of Blue. It seems this altered timeline wasn’t cause just by Robin’s death, but the death of the entire New Teen Titans Team. As Booster lands in the past and manages to not only gain access to the Titans, but also their trust, he confronts Black Beetle again. But this time Black Beetle is paired with the one man who has a serious mad-on for the Titans: Deathstroke, the Terminator.

Meanwhile back on Vanishing Point, Rip finds a device which is broadcasting information to the mystery man behind Black Beetle. Of course once Rip finds the device, its failsafe activates and incapacitates him, leaving Booster to hold his own against not one, not two, but three serious villains, who have managed to change history for the worst.

A great second act full of drama and action, but I do have one question: Where’s Raven?


Eddie R
Review Co-Editor

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