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SDCC: The San Diego International Children's Film Festival Returns!

We're proud to welcome back the San Diego International Children's Film Festival for it's 6th year at Comic-Con. The Festival will be running in Room 10 on Sunday, July 26, designated as "Kids' Day" at Comic-Con. Films start at 10:15am and run until 5:00pm. Titles and brief descriptions of the films are provided on our site along with a guideline for the target audience age that they're best suited to. don't have to be a kid to enjoy some of these great short films (animated, live action and documentaries) from around the world.

Program #1 - 10:15–11:15
Animation Showcase!
One hour of creative animation from around the world! (A) (60:00)

Program #2 - 11:20–12:20

Yoonah Nam
How the mind works – an experiment in art. (A) (4:10)

Spider's Walk
Eric Wagner
Malevolent creatures may be quite benign viewed through the looking glass. (A) (5:02)

Azamani & Izanagi
Allie Takahashi
An abstract interpretation of a Shinto creation narrative. (A) (1:43)

The Turtle and the Shark
Ryan Woodward
Fonuea and her husband flee to the island of Tutuila. Based on the Samoan legend. (A) (3:52)

Stay in My Memory
Katy Davis
Dreamy mixed media animated short about love and loss. (A) (4:18)

Retrato De Noa
Bethynia Cardenas Iniguez
An experimental self-portrait recounting childhood. (A) (1:02)

The Lighthouse Keepers
Katie G. Jones
In 1919, Theresa Glanville was born in the lighthouse in County Clare, Ireland. In 2007, Theresa's granddaughter visited the lighthouse. (A) (6:40)

The Candy
Ruben Figures
When kids want candy, they want candy. (L) (1:49)

Patrick Murray
A cautionary tale concerning a life spent running. (A) (2:55)

Golliwog's Cakewalk
Joe Chomiak
Careful what you step on. (L) (3:53)

Dad's Red Tractor
Joe Chomiak
A boy's adventures on a tractor. (L) (3:58)

I Sing on the Cake
Nadia Chaney
A sweet song of love from a daughter to the immigrant mother who taught her to trust her art. (A) (3:54)

Stacey Chomiak
One bug, one farmer and the cello that brought them together. (A) (2:20)

For A Fistful of Snow
Julien Ezri
In the wild north, a battle over a fistful of snow. (A) (5:42)

Program #3 - 12:30–1:30

The Collection
Keren Albala
A curious girl investigates the mysterious disintegration of her paper world. (L) (6:42)

The Juggler
Jack Ofield
Is there anything the Juggler cannot juggle? (A) (4:00)

Dandelion...Will Make You Wise
Jack Ofield
The beginning of the world is with us always. (A) (5:00)

Circus Minimus
Jack Ofield
The American circus reconstructed by craftsman Henry Dunklee. (A) (3:00)

For Your Entertainment
Guenever Goik A white tiger cub, raised for show business, is deemed unfit for the stage and discarded. Can he escape captivity? (A) (3:52)

Egg Robot Momo
Shinhee Kim
The offspring of a chicken robot and a human robot knows he is different. (L) (5:34)

Goldilocks Redirected
Beth Albright
Inspired by silhouette animation, puppet shows, and tactile textures, tells a familiar tale in a new way. (A) (1:53)

The Fan and the Flower
Bill Plympton
An ill-fated romance between a fan and a flower magically creates a fairy tale ending. From famed animator Bill Plympton. Narrated by Paul Giamatti. (A) (7:10)

Hot Dog
Bill Plympton
One dog's quest for greatness in the heat of heroism. (A) (5:41)

Program #4 - 1:30–2:30

Leave Honey on Your Skin
Kristy Linderholm
Sometimes war turns into true love. (A) (5:00)

The Border
Maya Lior
Based on personal childhood experience during the Gulf War and the Second Infitada, 1991-2000. A wall was built to separate two cultures in constant conflict. (A) (2:59)

The Adventures of Tommy T-Bone
David Icely
An animated T-bone steak runs from his hungry nemesis. (A) (:35)

Lieing Man
Roger Leatherwood
A man lying in the ocean is confronted by a shark. (A) (1:00)

Ian Fischer
He wakes in darkness. A formless world. He creates with light. (A) (5:15)

Zach & Joonki
Zachary Lind
Two boys with overactive imaginations play superheroes. (A) (2:38)

Pigeon Pilfer
Michael Stevenson
The stares of pigeons torment a man as he attempts to enjoy a corndog. (A) (1:36)

The Mouse That Soared
Kyle T. Bell
A famous flying circus mouse reflects on his humble beginnings. (A) (5:45)

Snuggle Time
Angela O. Sullivan
The story of a little girl, a vampire and the stuffed toy lamb caught between them. (A) (5:04)

Gerald's Last Day
Justin and Shel Rasch
Gerald the dog is scheduled for termination by the pound at 5 p.m. Can he find an adopter in time? (A) (12:00)

Henry Selick
One night, a boy and his flying squirrel are caught by a fish and taken to meet the Girl in the Moon. From the director of A Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, and Coraline. (A) (8:37)

Program #5 - 2:30–3:30

2 Fast 2 Furry
Chase Matthews
Two dogs joyriding in a car. Let the good times roll. (L) (12:00)

The Hard Life of a Dog
Ryan T. Fulton
Even dogs can learn lessons. (A) (4:00)

The Cock & Bull Story
Ari Carrillo
A thief who will do anything to escape. (A) (3:10)

La Cecilia
Ari Carillo
The life of a Japanese tourist changes forever when a Mexican florist serenades her. (A) (4:00)

1/2 Off: The Mini Adventures of Burger
Jess Haber
A package of ground beef tries a last-ditch effort of escape before consumption. (L) (6:50)

The Little Duke
Nathan Levine-Heaney
On the day of his Bar Mitzvah, Isaac Kaufman blazes an unorthodox trail into manhood. (L) (7:54)

Daniel Racusin
A music video for the Japanese band Paraele Stripes. (A) (4:30)

Gallery Girl
Andrew Marshel
Tired of her flat existence, a girl painted on an Egyptian hieroglyphic wall decides to explore the other paintings. (A) (5:09)

Dear Fatty
Hsin-I Tseng
A little girl writes a letter to her pet hamster Fatty, wondering why he took a trip away from home. (A) (7:00)

Karma Cafe
Eben Kostbar
A coffee shop cashier instills confidence in a lonely, young man seeking love. Are they the words of The Wise? Or simply acts of coincidence? (L) (10:16)

Wishful Thinking
Jane Sablow
An imaginative 3-year-old changes the theme of her traditional birthday party. (A) (4:50)

Ly Bolia
A celebration of the letter V. (A) (6:00)

What to Eat, Oscar?
Mig Jou
A fox needs a snack. (A) (3:56)

A Flat in B Minor
Scott Fiander
The changing of a flat tire to the rhythm of a B Minor....on a distant planet. (A) (2:45)

Program #6 - 3:30–5:00

Thom Cat
Mike Gray
Thom G. Cat is a genius inventor, a brilliant scientist, and a fashion trendsetter…not bad for a cat! (A) (7:00)

The Infinite Goliath
Mike Gray
The alleged master of evil meets his match in neighborhood children. (A) (6:52)

Without Your Permission
Anthony Rhoads
A perpetual traveler with a mysterious machine searches to find its purpose. (A) (8:30)

Sean B. Conly
The story of a monster's love, and a journey of self discovery. (A) (11:40)

Gym Lesson
Hannes Rall
A little boy faces a common nightmare - gym class. (A) (8:00) (Germany)

Galaxy Gulp
Ross Scott
Focuses on the events in an outer space gas station. (A) (7:29)

Lolly's Box
Valerie LaPointe
Lolly's fort was an old cardboard box. Suddenly, things changed. (A) (3:03)

Summer Storm
Valerie LaPointe
One hot summer day, two girls decide to save the world from global warming. (A) (6:00)

Carlos Stevens
In a condensed human existence, man defies nature and attempts to build the ultimate machine. (A) (4:12)

One Little Step
Nicholas Economides
A heartfelt comedy about a mime and a clown, two social outcasts trying to face their fate. (L) (6:34)

Jellyfish Niche
Jenny Sherman
A little jellyfish has trouble finding his niche. (A) (2:30)

Sharon Louden Showcase
Sharon Louden
A collection of short, animated films from renowned visual artist Sharon Louden. (A) (10:00)

Fossil Fools
Calvin Prieto, Max Groff, Jun Kwak, Michael Relth, Kenny Ceron
When the human world faces environmental extinction, a courageous little dinosaur takes a heroic stand. (A) (4:58)

Red & Blue
Tyler Ayres
A short story about personality and perseverance. Each day two little balloons hold a race... (A) (4:20)

Montrose Avenue
Marek Colek/Pat Shewchuck
One day in the neighborhood—more eventful than it appears. (A) (5:30)

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