Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comics review: Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #2 (DC Comics) By John H

Nothing more than Feelings…

What would we be without our emotions? They control our very existence. They allow us to feel, and bask in the inner strength they give us. They urge us on when faced with despair, or bring us to our knees when the pain is too great. Some have the will to control the vast churning chaos that is the human soul, and some choose to be guided by their emotions, strengthened only by whatever feeling of the human kaleidoscope they hold dear. But on the flip side, some choose alternative means to suppress these emotions from their very existence via mental disciplines such as mind control, or with external aids such as drugs.

In Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #2, feelings are shown as what drives the various Ring Corps to their ultimate ends. In this issue we are again shown examples of how these members of the individual Corps wield their power and how they recruit.

In the first story, an Angel loses her wings due to her pride. Seeing herself as superior, she never realizes that without her wings she is nothing. When said wings are lost, she encounters great fear and eventually rage. But this rage gives her power without freedom. So perhaps the loss of her wings was both a gift and a lesson, loosing freedom but gaining great power. Question is which is better?

Our second tale is one of love lost and choices to be made. When dealing with love, one should always stay one step back for fear of losing your head. Things change and feelings mature and love can change as well, when faced with the danger of losing a love most cherished, a rash decision doesn’t seem so rash at all.

The last tale is about greed. Greed, and the resulting pride, shows how ownership is a fickle thing, and how easy it is to claim that anything is ours. It seems the reality of the situation is something is yours until somebody stronger takes it from you. That includes everything you own, even your life.

These tales are a great glimpse at what is to come. I found some stories to be too short, and some much longer than needed, but overall a great read. At least this is something to keep us informed and entertained in between issues of Blackest Night.


John H
Senior Reviewer

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