Sunday, July 26, 2009

Toy Review: History of the DC Universe: Manhunter (DC Direct)

Growing up with the Manhunter story by Archie Goodwin & Walt Simonson was one of the greatest stories every written. It was just amazing. I just couldn't stop re-reading it.
Then in 1986, after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC came out with the History of the DC Universe. This was a 2 issue mini-series, explaining how the universe was after Infinite Crisis.

Then last year, DC Direct announced they would be making a line of action figures based on the History of the DC Universe. Designs based on George Perez's amazing art. And imagine my surprise when I found out they were making a figure based Manhunter.

And then imagine my disappointment when I finally bought it.

When I first saw the Manhunter figure at Toy Fair, it just amazing. Multiple points of articulation, amazing sculpt, a Bundi dagger, Mauser, and removable throwing stars. I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't wait until it came out.

Finally, last week I was able to buy it.

Wow, what a waste of money!

While the sculpt is still amazing, that's where the joy ends.

The Mauser has been left out. I don't fully understand why they didn't include it. DC Direct already created one for the New Frontier Blackhawk figure, so the mold should still be available. So where the heck is it?

And the throwing stars aren't removable. They are glued on. What the heck is up with that?

Finally the Bundi dagger. We don't get just one, we get two, which would be great, if he could hold the damn thing. I had pry the hand open to fit around the dagger. And even then it doesn't look right. They don't look like Simonson's designs at all. They look more like crutches.

There are about 19 points of articulation, but the ab joint is totally pointless. He can't bend at all.

All in all, Manhunter is just a disappointment. At about a $15.99 price point, it's not worth the money.

I think going forward if I want DC Universe figures, I'll buy them from Mattel's DC Universe line.

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