Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Comics Review: Doctor Who: Room with a Déjà Vu #1(IDW Comics) By Eddie R

Déjà- Vu Askew

When a book advises you that it might be easier to read it backwards, you know you’re in for a good story, and that’s what you get here with Doctor Who: Room with a Déjà Vu #1.

Taking place in a sector of the galaxy called the Dead zone, we find the Doctor on his latest solo adventure, confronted with receiving a mysterious distress signal from a cobbled together space station called the Great Refuge. It seems a plague of sorts has been affecting this sector of the galaxy for centuries, and this station is the result of the survivors finding one another. But not is all well on this station. There is an even deeper mystery as to why the Doctor would have received a distress call in the first place. Such transmissions are forbidden on the station due to the plague, but yet one has managed to be sent never the less.

Soon we learn there is has been a murder on the station, and the authorities enlist the aid of the Doctor in interrogating the alien responsible. Why the Doctor you may ask? Well let’s just say the alien in question is sort of a reverse Time Lord, and only someone with the doctor’s expertise would be able to interview him to find out if he is guilty of this crime or not. This leads of a brilliant sequence where you must read it in order to fully understand it. And I applaud the writer for pulling it off.

This is your standard Doctor Who adventure, complete with temporal paradoxes and all. The end of the story does foreshadow about something coming, and getting prepared for it. But until then, let’s continue with these well written adventures, and in the words of the Doctor himself “Allons-Y!”


Eddie R
Review Co-Editor

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