Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Toy News: Mez-Itz Art Show Prepares To Rock San Diego Comic Con 2009

What do you get when you mix Mez-Itz, the hot new Designer Vinyl toy from Mezco, and 60 famous artists, designers, and F/X artists?
The Mez-Itz Art Show!

Conceived as a celebration of its new collectible toy line, the Mez-Itz Art Show displays the amazing versatility of the Mez-Itz deceivingly simple design. Rather than only turning to artists to create custom figures, Mezco thought outside the box and reached out to designers and F/X artists as well. Some of the participants are:

Trevor Zammit
Tish & Snooky / Manic Panic
Tim Gore
Steven Walden
Stephen Blickenstaff
Rich Young
Raymond Choy
Nelson Kong / Kreechur
Miss Monster
May Sy
Matt Connelly
Matt Cauley / Iron Cow
Lee Gajda / Leecifer
Kyle Thye
Kyle Robinson
Kim Dylla
Ken Usanami
Josh Izzo
John Mallamas
John Graziano /Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
Joe Dunn / Joe Loves Crappy Movies
Jeremy Sung
Jean St. Jean
Jason Jerde
Jason Geyer
Irene Mendonis
Guy Davis
George Gaspar / October Toys
Ed Wires
Damien Glonek
David Healy
Dave Cortes
Danny Bushey / Rustedhalo
Daniel Brodzik / Front Line Studios
Collin David
Chris Houghton
Carrie Conger
Brandy Anderson
Billy Chasen
Barry Anderson / Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
Angus Oblong
Amos Hemsley
RTL Iteetoo
Chris Smith
Chris Miller
Acid PopTart/ Gothic Beauty
Alla Mirilasnvili
Ekatarina Zaborskaya

Each was supplied with a blank white vinyl figure and given one mandate; make it cool. The results are breathtaking. A Cyclops stares forlornly at a Val Kilmer Doc Holiday, an evil teddy bear stands beside a crystal covered zombie Michael Jackson. A cigar smoking cherub brushes wings with Nosferatu as a clockwork figure who could be related to Tic-Tock of Oz looks on. Each design seems better than the next, a true tour de force of artistic versatility.

It all happens at booth 4145 at the epicenter of pop culture known as San Diego Comic Con. This year the festivities from July 22nd-26th and the Mez-Itz will be displayed for the entirety of the convention.

Afterwards, the Mez-Itz will be displayed at a New York location that has yet to be revealed.

Mezco will also be showing the new Hellboy and Abe Sapien Mez-Itz available exclusively at Toys"R"Us

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