Monday, August 3, 2009

Comic Review: Finding Nemo Reef Rescue #2 (Boom! Kids) Review By Oliver C.

Finding Nemo Reef Rescue #2 (BOOM! Kids)

I’m starting to like it...

Every one has seen Finding Nemo (The best selling DVD of all time). And it’s only right to make toys, games, clothing, and comics related to it. I’m sure we are all hoping for a sequel, but until then we have Finding Nemo Reef Rescue!

In #1 of Reef Rescue Marlin and his son Nemo discover that the coral is changing colour and dying so along with Dory they volunteer to find out what is happening. In Reef Rescue #2 they meet up with Nemos old friend Gil, who gives them some advice. They discover what is happening to the coral but they still don’t know how to stop it.

Like most, this is a beautifully drawn comic. Nemo's small fin, Gil’s scars, and everything else you saw in the movie, is also in the comic. Not one thing is left out. It’s full of colours! Red orange yellow green and blue are everywhere. You learn about the characters right from the start, and their facial expressions keep coming.

When I read #1 I was a bit skeptical. As I read about aliens and superheroes I’m constantly reading and looking at the pictures. I take no breaks, I never stop to think about the hard work that was put into it, and I never put it down half way. When I was reading Reef Rescue #1, I stopped. I had a coffee, maybe thought a bit about it. When I read #2 I didn’t stop I didn’t hesitate. I read the whole thing from start to finish as I would with another comic. I really like this one. Maybe #1 was a slow start because now I can’t wait to read #3.

I was not one bit disappointment with this comic book either. If I could change one thing it would be to make it longer. At one point in the comic I doubted what had happened, “Pfft ya right!” but I think back on it now and remember that it’s made mainly for the children.

If you want to introduce your children to comics I recommend you buy this for them, read it to them. It’s totally rated G. It's cute and funny, and easy to read and understand.

This is a great comic. I’d purchase 1-4 in a heartbeat. If you’re a fan of Finding Nemo, I recommend you buy this. If you have children, or if you just want to read this, I recommend it. Its fun, easy to read, and exciting! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, and you could be too. Great book!

8.5 Out of 10

Review By: Oliver Copeland
Staff Reviewer

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