Monday, August 24, 2009

Comic Review: Impaler #4 (Top Cow) By John H

Will the Sun Ever come up again?

Were you ever afraid of the dark? I know I was. As a child, be it the deep black of night or just the dusty dark of a shadowy hallway, I always felt terror. Even now as an adult, I can’t help but think twice about trekking into areas where I cannot see. Perhaps now it is even worse, for even though my minds logic tells me my fears are unwarranted, my imagination can’t help but run away with itself.

But If my nightmares were for some oddball reason to come true, they would probably end up looking like the somber portrayal illustrated in Impaler #4. To make the story a bit more concise, Vampires have invaded the continental US, with New York and Boston in ruins, and most of the eastern seaboard has been evacuated. With various military units attempting to secure what is left of their troops in Washington D.C., a few civilians attempt to outrun the coming tide of darkness. But when you reach the end of day and the night begins, is there anywhere safe from vampires? And of course there is The Impaler himself, who seems to be a vampire hunter of sorts with a bit of old magic up his sleeve. But does anyone know what his true intentions are?

I found the art to be quite surreal and fitting for this very dark tale. It is gory and filled with a somber color pallet, making use of a lot of grays and blues, which seem to allow for a sense of hopelessness to run rampant in the book.

While the story, albeit a typical one for the genre, might differ slightly in some aspects from other vampire tales, I will say it is good enough to keep you intrigued.

Writer: William Harms
Artist: Matt Timson

On sale August 26th.


John H
Senior Reviewer.

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