Monday, August 24, 2009

Comic Review: Witchblade #129(Top Cow) By John H

When the Dark tides come…

Why does it feel as if something is about to go wrong, it most certainly will. For me, it sometimes seems predestined that when our lives are meant to go downhill, the hill seems to cave in on itself and bring us down with it. But why also does it seem when the odds of destiny look stacked against us, all we can do is try and fight it? Is our stubbornness intrinsically human? Could it be a strength born of constant challenge, or brought on by something more divine?

In Witchblade #129, this seems especially true for Dani, who wields the Angelus side of the fabled Witchblade, and her polar opposite Sarah, who is seemingly possessed by the Darkness version of the vaunted weapon. In this Fifth installment of “War of the Witchblades” arc, Dani, without the aid of the Angelus Warriors, wishes to talk to Sarah into giving up her side of the Witchblade. But Dani soon finds out she is way over her head, making her question whether she is unable to answer this call-of -duty, one which cannot be passed on to others, as she soon realizes the denizens of the Darkness have come to help Sarah defend what she sees as hers. And to make matters worse, Sarah is ready to do anything to make sure her side of the Witchblade does not leave her hand.

Overall, I found the art of this book to be exceptional and breathtaking, but unfortunately this causes the storyline, and more specifically the dialogue, to take a back seat. While I must admit the story is a great tale, I can’t help but to wonder now if the storyboards were not drawn up first, and a script was written (or rewritten) afterwards . I truly hope this isn’t the case because I would hate to see a great story arc like this, being so close to the end, to finish on a technicality like that.

Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Stjepan Sejic

On sale August 26th.


John H
Senior Reviewer.

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