Monday, September 21, 2009

I.M.O: Renumbering- The Wonder Woman issue 600 campaign

I came across this little tidbit of info while reading my comics this week, which kinda took me by surprise.

According to his weekly DC Nation column, Senior V.P & Executive Editor of DC Comics Dan Didio has been having ongoing discussions with numerous Wonder Woman Fans about her importance in the DCU and the Trinity. To go along with this, some fans feel the current numbering system used for Wonder Woman’s monthly title should reflect her importance and longevity within not only the comic book community, but also the DC Universe. With both Batman and Superman closing in on Issue # 700, Wonder Woman would soon be at issue #600, if the old numbering system for her series had been maintained.

Question is: Does Wonder Woman deserve a renumbering? And if so what can we do about it?

Personally I feel it does. Not only is Wonder Woman the First Lady when it comes to the DCU, but Comics in general. She deserves the same treatment as Superman and Batman, regardless of how her continuity has changed over the years. I do see where newer fans might be at a loss when it comes to accessing her past material for the first time, but that’s why it’s up to the writers to take what they have been given over the past 68 years, and integrate it into today.

So now begs the next question: What can we do if we want to see Issue # 600 of Wonder Woman?

Well Mr. Didio has the answer. He has said that if he receives 600 postcards in support of the 600th issue renumbering, then it shall happen. So in a quest to see if something like this is possible, I have included 4 easy steps on how to set up your postcard for mailing below, and I encourage those out there who have enjoyed Wonder Woman over the years, such as me, to send one in.

Mailing Instructions:

1). Pick out a Postcard (any kind will do, just try to be tasteful)

2). On the left hand side, write the following:
600: Wonder Woman issue 45 should start renumbering at #600

3). Remember to put your signature at the bottom of the postcard in order to make it count.

4). Mail to the following:

Dan Didio
c/o DC Comics, Inc.
1700 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

And you’re done. Just buy the postage needed and drop it in the mail.

And yes I know, the question of why did Mr. Didio choose an old fashioned postcards campaign over e-mails has come across my mind also? For me, it cause of the thought and effort put behind it. I mean come on, in this digital age anyone can send an email. It’s quick, simple, and effortless. But a post card actually requires you putting in the effort in writing, purchasing a stamp, and actually mailing your response. And after all these years of entertainment, don’t you think Wonder Woman is worth the effort?

I do.

Eddie R
Review Co- Editor

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