Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Comic Review: Angel #26 (IDW Publishing) by John H.

You’re an Angel in disguise…

I am a great fan of continuity. I love when certain glimpse is given within stories that wink to the audience saying “let’s see if you guys remember this!” I find that Joss Whedon does this more than any other creator. During the TV run of Buffy and Angel, we the viewers were given many winks and hints to let us in on the big picture, as if we were in fact part of the gang. I believe this is why most of us became such strong fans of the Whedonverse, we were all somehow involved.

The same can be said today in the comic book incarnation of Angel, where constant references to the past and even winks to Buffy are choc-full of brilliance. In Angel # 26, Angel and his brood are basically in hell: no not the Living Hell they have been through for the past several months, another more horrible type of hell...A comic book convention! Now wait and hear me out! This may seem like a bliss filled Paradise for some of us…but it really is a hellhole for them. Cause when you see caricatures of our heroes basically rampaging around, being imitating badly, and then add to that a magic spell which…well all I will say is just think back to the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, around the time of Halloween, and you’ll get a good glimpse at what surprises may be in store.

I found this to be a great light read, with no effect on any of the ongoing stories here. Basically it’s just a little bit of fun, just like old times. The art is the same great style we have been privy to, but when reading, just take a little look away from the main action in this issue, and check out the backgrounds. I will guarantee you’ll see a few nods to other Pop Culture characters and comic book series that will surely please more than a few fan boys out there!

I really loved this one! Hope you will too!

Writer: Brian Lynch
Artist: Stephen Mooney

On sale October 7th


John H
Senior Reviewer

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