Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Toy News: Shocker Toys hits Wizard's Big Apple Con booth #321 PR

Shocker Toys hits Wizard’s Big Apple Con Booth #321 and VGXPO with the popular Wizard Maxx exclusive, Indie Spotlight Series1 and more.

October 16th - 18th, Pier 94 NYC, Tribune’s Dick Tracy will make an appearance as a hyper-articulated 6” action figure in creator Chester Gould’s black and white comic strip style. The World’s Most Famous Detective will be available in two limited run action figures. The limited B&W standard version with suit and pistol, will be available at the Shocker Toys booth #321. The limited B&W variant figure, with Tracy in his iconic trench coat with Tommy gun, will also be available at the booth.

Shocker Toys' booth will also highlight their new articulated designer line, Mallows, with three exclusives: A Mallow version of the CCI Guy, The Phantom with yellow/black trunks and Dethklok’s favorite rock and roll clown, Dr. Rockzo. On hand will also be DIY blank Mallows in black or white to design your own creations for fun at home or at the shows on-site custom contests. Artist custom Mallows will be showcased featuring artists such as Phetus, Rsi
n, Mad Hatter Creative and more. So make sure to stop by and try your hand at designing a one of a kind Mallow.

If Dr. Rockzo isn't enough for fans of Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse, Shocker Toys will also be featuring the re-release set of the now legendary Dethklok set that took the metal world by storm in 2008.

Booth #321 will feature contests, giveaways, feedback and new products. Also, meet Wizard Guest Geoff Beckett, the CEO of Shocker Toys, who will be answering questions about upcoming releases for Mallows, Indie Spotlight Series 2 and 3 and more. Be sure to mark it on your list of booths to visit.

In addition to the debuting exclusives, updates to the Indie Spotlight line will be on display at the booth. This includes Series 2 in the final development stages, lineup and preliminary development for Series 3, and for the third Wizard show since Chicago, Indie Spotlight Series 1 is back in stock. Look for the full lineup available at the booth along with Translucent Scuds and more. Shocker Toys will also be sponsoring after-parties on Friday and Saturday at Pier 92, one featuring Naughty by Nature!

Also look for us at the VGXPO in Philadelphia 10/9 - 10/11. We will be in the booth with SMOKE, the professional wrestler, with product on hand.

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