Monday, November 16, 2009

Ask Matty 11/16/09

Matty took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.

1) What is the future of the Justice League Unlimited line? Will future JLU singles continued to be released at Target?

They’ll be released at least through the end of 2009. I’m not quite ready to announce my 2010 plans!

2) What are the chances of Mattel adopting a resalable kind of packaging for the MOTUC line so collectors don't need to ruin the awesome package art to get to their even more awesome figures?

This is something I have looked into, but no, the packaging will not be resealable in the near future.

3) With multiple problems with Walmart's distribution on, and not just the exclusive waves, but DC Universe Classics in general, does Mattel plan on any more exclusive Walmart waves? I don't believe any collector would have an issue with exclusives like the Gotham City 5 Pack or the 2 Packs for Toys R Us, but it really seems Walmart doesn't care about this line at all.

Wave 10 continues to ship to Wal-Mart. With a little time, all the figures should become more widely available.

4) Are there going to be anymore Batman Brave and the Bold characters released before Christmas (such as Solomon Grundy, Green Lantern Batman, like we saw at SDCC)? Since this line is for kids this would make sense.

Yes, I have lots more Batman: The Brave and The Bold figures coming out this year!

5) Though it's about a year away, it seems in October both the Big Apple Comic Con and New York Comic Con will be held on the same weekend (October 7 -10). Does Mattel have any plans to attend either convention, because it'll be about 3 months after SDCC? If so, do you know which one, at this time? Any other cons you are planning on attending?\

Unfortunately, October is not a month Mattel is available for conventions due to our own Toy Fair. If either of these convention move back to April or February we can look at attending again.

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