Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ask Matty: Matty Answers 12/16/09

Matty took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.

1) Weak joints have been a problem in the MOTUC line from the beginning. Some people are a little worried about Battlecat, as he is going to be heavier and he will have to be able to carry the weight of another figure. Are you guys making sure that Battlecat has sturdy joints?

Yes, Battlecat has very sturdy joints. He does need to carry He-Man into battle after all!

2) As it’s been discussed many times, distribution is an issue with the DC Universe Classics figures. We know most of the distribution issues fall on the store level, but the way they are viewed in the market, is as collectables and not toys. The assumption would be, that this is why lower volumes are of figures are bought. Is there any that can be done to change this perception?

We work very close with all our retail partners to bring in as much product as possible. DCUC are looked at as collectables vs. a line like Brave and the Bold is more of a kid aimed line.

3) What is the criteria for alternate heads on MOTUC figures? For example, a character like Whiplash, who could be considered a B or C list character, but who had a very different headsculpt in 200X. Would he get an alternate head like Mer-Manor would he be like Webstor get a head that combined elements of both?

We don’t have an exact “policy” but our goal is to only do a second head when it is very compelling. Mer-Man had two very different looks so he was a perfect candidate. We definitely do not want to over extend this feature to every figure or the novelty will wear thin!

4) The Target exclusive Thanagarian and Eclipso JLU 6 packs and singles assortment were said to be released before the end of 2009. Will this happen and if not when (and where) can we expect to see them?

They are shipping to Target stores now.

5) When we get to some of the ladies from POP/She-Ra, do the Four Horsemen feel that they have a little more wiggle room to recreate or revamp these characters as they are A) Less iconic than MOTU, and B) Not really going to look like their classic "figure" anyway. Are characters like Scorpia, and Catra going to be "gently reimagined" for this line to make them a little more action-oriented?

Yes and no. All of the figures will be based on the general look of a Classic figure. While the “Teela” buck will not work universally for every figure, it will be the base for the majority of female characters. Our goal is not to reimagine the characters but more to pay homage to the vintage lines with modern detail and articulation. Scorpia will not be in the line at this time as she is a Filmation character (FYI).

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