Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Toy Review: DC Universe Classics: Color of Fear 2 Pack

The Color of Fear: Romat-Ru and Karu-Sil Figures
DC Universe Classics 2-Pack

As a former comic book collector, I'm not up on the latest earths-shattering opuses so I can't tell you exactly how Romat-Ru and Karu-Sil fit into the whole Sinestro Corps storyline. But I can tell you that these are gorgeous figures that are worthy adversaries for my DC Direct Green Lantern Corps.

Unfortunately, I only have the DC Direct version of Sinestro in his Sinestro Corps yellow outfit, which looks a bit more golden that I'd like. In contrast, photos I've seen of the DC Universe Classics version match up nicely to the Color of Fear duo. But, as most DCUC collectors can attest, finding the figures can be a quest worthy of Indiana Jones.

That's the great part about this two-pack - being an online exclusive actually makes it much more available that the supposed mass market counterparts. I rarely saw a regular version of Sinestro (twice), let alone the "chase" Sinestro Corps version.

The Color of Fear figures display the best feature of DCUC, the one thing that has me wondering if I need to get duplicates of my DC Direct collection - additional points of articulation that provide for enough variety of poses to rival a gymnast.

In addition, the muscular (but not muscle-bound) cut of Romat-Ru gives him the look of a superior being, while Karu-Sil's frame may be one of the first female figures I've seen that doesn't have oddly disproportionate muscles or chest, or both.

But what excited me most about this two-pack was adding to the legion of villains that can oppose the Green Lantern Corps. What good is a team of rear-bearers if they have no one to fight? And Romat-Ru makes the perfect looking doppelganger for Tomar Re. Karu-Sil will have to wait until I (hopefully) find a DC Universe Classics wave 11 Katma Tui to have an appropriate foe.

Color me impressed with this fearsome two-pack.

Roger Vozar
Staff Reviewer

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