Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Comic News: ARCHAIA PREVIEW: The Secret History Book Seven (of Seven)

Archaia is pleased to offer a six-page preview for The Secret History Book Seven, which goes on sale in comic shops Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009.

(W) Jean-Pierre P├ęcau (A) Igor Kordey and Carole Beau (Cov) Manchu and Olivier Vatine

Our Lady of the Shadows. 1914: Almost a century has passed since the death of Napoleon at St. Helena. Though believed defeated, the archon Dyo and the revenant William reappear in Sarajevo, guiding the hand of a terrorist who will plunge Europe into flames. What are the true aims of the red brethren and the Archon of the Chalice? Will World War I mean the end of the world or the birth of another?

Full Color $5.95 48 pages, perfect bound Mature Readers (Contains Nudity, Graphic Violence and Adult Content)

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