Tuesday, December 1, 2009



Top Cow Productions, Inc. announced today that the sixth issue of the second season of Impaler will be cancelled with Impaler #5 and Impaler #6 combining into a single issue set for a release in early January.

International Horror Guild-nominated writer William Harms will be concluding the second season of Impaler in this action-packed showdown between the vampire hordes and Vlad, Victor, Wagner, and his soldiers in Washington, DC. Along the way, Victor must fight for his life and come to grips with his new destiny. As with the previous four issues, the over-sized finale issue will be painted by Matt Timson

”Impaler has been incredibly well-received critically, with both William and Matt pouring blood, sweat, and tears into each issue,” explained Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik, “When we looked at the end of this second arc, we realized that it serviced the story better to combine these last two issues into a single over-sized installment. While it will delay the release of issue #5, the reading experience and the value for fans will be richer for it.”

The six-part story line will be collected in a second trade in the spring of 2010, and the series will go on hiatus after Issue #5, which closes out the story arc.

The new over-sized issue #5 will carry a cover price of $4.99, a full dollar less than the combined cost of the previously solicited two single issues.

“The story is masterfully plotted to crescendo in each issue, teasing and tempting the reader to come back for more…this is a great read,” says Ain’t It Cool News.

“Writer William Harms gives us what might be the freshest reinterpretation of the vampire mythos in years,” says Metro (Toronto), “…the impending bloodfest over the coming issues promises to be spectacular.” 4 Stars (out of 4).

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