Sunday, December 20, 2009

Comic Review: Incorruptible #1 (BOOM! Studios)

With The Plutonian becoming Irredeemable, super villain Max Damage chooses to be Incorruptible.

In the wake of former superhero The Plutonian turning his back on humanity the super villain community has become bolder in their pursuits. A month has passed since anyone last saw number one on the FBI's most wanted list Max Damage so his gang decides to pull a heist without him only to be met unexpectedly by the police and Max, who now has an entirely new outlook on life and how to best use his powers.

Incorruptible spins off from the pages of Waid's Irredeemable series and is a good companion to the flagship series with its ability to see the main story from a different point of view and incorporation of new characters. As a fan of Irredeemable, I look forward to just how Incorruptible this book truly is.

Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Jean Diaz


Rudy T.
Staff Reviewer

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