Sunday, December 20, 2009

Comic Review: Star Trek DS9: Fool's Gold #1

IDW has been on a real roll lately with their Star Trek comics, particularly with their takes on The Original Series era stories like Star Trek: Crew and Mission's End. Their new comic, Fool's Gold is set in the Next Generation era and brings back the characters and locations from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

It's great to see this era and especially this series get some love from IDW. Deep Space Nine was the Star Trek show that broke all the rules: there was no Enterprise, not even a real star ship to speak of until later in the show, most of the action took place in a confined space station, the characters were not a harmonious bunch of space explorers but a sometimes fragmented group of realistic personalities with their own agendas. It was a ground breaking sci-fi show that paved the way for gritty shows like the reimagined Battlestar Galactica.

Fool's Gold is the first part of a series and wisely takes some time to reintroduce us to the cast of characters and the station itself. I like the fact that the story starts with another ship docking with DS9 and we get a chance to experience the station as outsiders coming in and all of the main characters have a short bit with occasional inside references for fans of the show. The story seems to be set somewhere in the middle to early seasons of the show while Jake is still younger and before Worf joined the cast and it involves a pair of outsiders who come to station and are seemingly up to no good. Of course, it involves the Ferengi Quark which raises the ire of Constable Odo.

Trekkies and fans of DS9 will definitely want to pick this one up to see how the story unfolds. I can't overestimate how great it is to be able to re-enter the world of Deep Space Nine again. It looks like the popularity of last summer's Star Trek movie is creating a resurgence in interest in all things Trek, and that's a good thing.

Patrick Garone
Staff Reviewer

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