Friday, April 2, 2010


Matty took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.

1. Toyguru and Matty confirmed several times that the hyper-stylized, so called ‘anime” look of the 200X figures, should be retired for good. And also that POP/NA/200X figures that didn’t have an action figure in the ‘80s MOTU line would be introduced in MOTUC, sculpted in the same way as if the figure was going to be made in the ‘80s but with added detail and improved articulation. However She-Ra and Count Marzo were sculpted with static body parts that are entirely reminiscent of the 200X line and NECA statues (windblown hair for both and windblown cape for Marzo). This is a very modern approach to action figure sculpting that didn’t even exist in the ‘80s. Although it might make head movement easier it actually limits pose-ability in the sense that the figures can only be posed in display settings that allow for blowing wind (it’s impossible to place them in settings like the indoors of Castle Grayskull or Royal Palace where there is supposed to be no wind). Online polls done on the Mattycollector forums show that collectors would prefer “vintage style” neutrally positioned hair and capes. Why have Mattel and/or the Four Horsemen opted for such a modern approach for these two figures, in a line that is supposed to be strictly classic?

This was actually noted by upper management and we will be toning down the amount of wind blown hair, etc. on figures for a more unified Classic look. The direction for the current line is to avoid the "anime" interpretation of the 2002 line as that look is retired.

2. We know you can’t comment on specific characters that haven’t been announced, but are “civilian” “historical” DC characters like Sgt. Rock or Jonah Hex being considered for a DCU treatment?


3. On, you explained what the status descriptions meant, but you forgot one. Can you explain when it says “Currently Unavailable”?

This description means we are sold out but more may come in one day when we go into another run - like what we did for Stratos.

4. With all the constant problem there are every month with Digital River, are you looking into change to another provider?

We are committed to delivering the best service possible but we can not comment specifically on our relationship with Digital River.

5. Back to the Walmart issue, you keep saying Mattycollector is listening to the fans. But doing another wave exclusive to a store that has proven time & time again that they don’t care about the DCU line, doesn’t seem like you are listening to the fans. The fans are frustrated & just about had it with Walmart Waves. We do not want another exclusive wave. We want all waves available everywhere.

While we do listen to fans on our lines we also listen to retailers. Doing an exclusive wave for Wal-Mart is part of an overall strategy to bring DCUC to Wal-Mart stores and while we do take fan comments, this is not a particular issue we can let the fans vote on.

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