Friday, April 2, 2010

COMIC REVIEW: Die Hard: Year One TPB (BOOM! Studios)


Detective John Mcclane? No sir, this is beat cop Officer Mcclane. Assigned to foot patrol during the 4th of July celebration in the heart of New York City, it seemed it was going to be a long,hot day for John Mcclane.


After some time it turns out that Mcclane scores some kind of luck when a wealthy women notices the handsome cop and asks the Commissioner of the NYPD himself that Officer Mcclane help with security on her yacht for a who's who party that night. Mcclane agrees but knows what the lady has in mind, and it's not Security. The plot of the series unfolds on the boat that night. It turns out to be a staged robbery/hit job and Officer Mcclane is there to kick some serious ass. Like the hero we know and love, Mcclane saves the day and ends up getting a promotion to Detective.

This book is a guilty pleasure of mine. The story starts off a little slow but you have to remember that this is the first time your seeing John Mcclane. It's interesting as you get a lot of back story on John Mcclane, like the fact that he served in Vietnam and how the war affected him.I'm glad to see that this book is getting more then just one run as the second series of year one books are already out and following Detective Mcclane on another busy day in the NYPD I'm sure.

Rick Alaia
Staff Reviewer

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