Thursday, April 1, 2010

COMIC REVIEW: Incorruptible #4 (BOOM! Studios)


Amidst the superhero comics BOOM! Studios brings us Incorruptible, about a former villain, Max Damage, who is now trying to save the world from the Plutonian, a thinly-veiled Superman clone, who is hell-bent on destroying the humanity he once fought to save. In the latest chapter, Mark Waid continues telling an engaging story that packs plenty of action into this story of redemption.


This issue opens with Max telling Lt. Armadale more of his story about the death and destruction caused by former hero the Plutonian. Armadale still has some suspicions about Damage's motives, but for the most part he's on board with Damage's plans. Max is going to see an old enemy, and the action carries on from there. Once again Jailbait makes an appearance. I enjoy her character a great deal, especially her teenage tantrums.

Jean Diaz's art is spot on for this issue. From the opening Plutonian carnage to the cliffhanger ending, every panel is filled with color and movement fitting for the tone of the story. Cover art duties are shared by Rafael Albuquerque, Dennis Calero, and Jeffrey Spokes. My favorite cover is Albuquerque's, which could be because I'm a fan of his art, and because I'm a fan of giant robots. Plus Max's deadpan reaction is priceless.

Waid is right at home with this character and storyline, and as with most of his work, I'm left wanting more. Definitely pick up this title--it is a new twist on the superhero shtick that won't disappoint.

Stacey Rader
Review Editor

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