Thursday, April 1, 2010

COMIC REVIEW: Wizards Of Mickey #1 (BOOM! Studios)


Boom studios bring to the pages another Disney story. This is another tale of magic and adventure from the world of Disney. Mickey’s teacher is kidnapped and held for ransom. Mickey, Goofy, and Donald decide to go on a quest to attend a magic tournament to help raise money for the release of Mickey’s teacher. While the three heroes are traveling to the tournament they run in to monsters and villains from the classical Disney universe.


This comic stays true to the classic Disney characters. The artwork is also reminiscence of the classic Disney movies and other animated tales. This story is well written and full of little surprises. The plot of this series in not an original idea, many fantasy novels and comics repeat the magic tournament in their pages. I don’t consider the magic tournament a bad thing, just a bit over used in story lines.

Sometime you forget the simple things in life. This was a nice fun comic book to read. At first I did not want to read this comic because it was a comic for kids, but this comic did bring back the kid in me. I loved the cartoony style artwork. The story was simple, but fun. As adults readers we forget that comics were originally written for kids.

Stop watching reality television and read a book.

Chip Carroll
Staff Reviewer

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