Monday, June 15, 2009

Ask Matty 6/15/09

Mattel took time out their busy schedule to answer some questions.

1) Seeing Mattel has already said that She-Ra would be a part of the MOTU line, will fans being seeing other characters from the Princess of Power cartoon in 2010?

All of the POP characters in the MOTUC line will be based on the original toys, not the animated series. And yes, we are looking at doing a few more POP characters as the line goes along!

2) Wal-Mart has been doing a horrible job with the distribution of the DC Universe line. (see They have only dedicated 1800 of their stores to this line. With a lot of fans missing out on Wave 5 & Wave 10 being another Wal-Mart wave, is there any chance of re-releasing this figures to meet the demand?

No, the Wal-Mart wave will only be available through Wal-Mart retailers.

3) Will Mattel be making a full line of characters sculpted to resemble the classic Master of the Universe figures including 200x characters, or will Mattel be mixing in figures that are sculpted to fit in with the 200x line?

We won’t be doing a separate line of 200X styled figures but will look at this line for inspiration when designing characters. We will also look at re-releasing some A-level character in a more 200X style, especially if that figure’s 200X design is radically different from the vintage look.

4) Will there be a subscription service offered on the Ghostbusters figures like the MOTU line?

This is something we are looking into if there is enough fan interest.

5) There were a lot of issues with the shipping of the MOTU figures. Customers not receiving shipping confirmations. Damaged packaging. What is Mattel doing exactly to fix this?

Starting with He-Ro, all MOTUC figures will ship in an outer shipping box much like the DCUC and JLU sets.


Anonymous said...

Outter shipping box is a waste of paper and s/h costs to buyers. A lot of reviews of He-Ro showed creased figure packages AFTER opening the white mailer box AND those are the REVIEW SAMPLES!

Makes me wonder how bad the ones Digital River will be.

The Flash III said...

Wow, the least they could do is show a little sympathy for the Wal-Mart debacle. "We have lobbied for better distribution this time around" or "We are working to make sure every DCUC fan can get this wave" would go a long way to curbing the ire a lot of us have for these exclusive waves.