Monday, July 13, 2009

Comic Review: Fall of Cthulhu: Apocalypse TPB (BOOM! Studios) By John H

When the Gods war…

How would you comprehend the unknowable? How would we as mortals fight back when out of the vastness of nothing, would appear the horror that is our collective nightmares, here to end our very existence? When the vast hordes of the Ether seek to fight amongst themselves in a race to oblivion on our home planet, how could we possibly hope to survive?

In Fall of Cthulhu: Apocalypse TPB, a rag tag groups of survivors seek to do just that. But not only just to survive, but beat the Gods at their own games. Nyarlothep is a godling who seeks to welcome back the Great Cthulhu from his long slumber, by destroying our world before his godhead awakens. There are a variety of factions, who although they are not human, nevertheless try to help our down on their luck heroes.

A Poseidon like Elder God named Noden, is responsible for the last magical slumber of the Great Cthulhu. Noden is first in line in attempting to stop Nyarlothep at his rush for planetary annihilation. A fierce struggle ensues, with the crawling chaos which is Nyarlothep being victorious by destroying the water dwelling deity’s vast army.

A cryptic and crone-like demon, by the name of the Harlot the Keeper of Secrets, offers her aid to the characters, whom both fear and mistrust her. With the Keeper’s aid, the courageous protagonists are able to travel to another dimension in order to carry out their mission…but at what cost?

This book brings all the mythos of the Lovecratian genre to bear remarkably well. Each individual panel is full of oddities, beasts and demons straight out of any nightmarish hell. It sets the tone for when the reader is finally face to face with the vastness that is Cthulhu…an event which does not disappoint!

This collection is great …or is it but a beginning to a new saga?


Goes on sale July 15th

John H

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