Monday, July 13, 2009

Comic Review: Fallen Angels: Reborn #1(IDW Publishing) By John H

In a time before night and day.

Was there ever Time before time itself began? A place where the primordial powers strewed the vastness of nothing, with thoughts of life and dreams and of suns and stars? Perhaps, those Gods are gone and the one we worship is just the last of his kind? Perhaps he is a tyrant rearing us in time to be his replacements. If so, what if he wasn’t the last? What if some of his brethren were locked away in some dimensional dungeon, waiting and plotting for the seals to fall? How would they react, if they saw what once belonged to them completely usurped and changed? How would you react?

In Fallen Angels: Reborn #1, one of the Old Ones ,Illyria, returns to mourn her lost godhood, powers and her worshippers. Being set in a time before Not Fade Away (the season five series finale), Illyria remembers her last fading moments being sliced open by her own weapons, and seeing a single blade of grass standing proudly and defiantly on that plain, surviving where demon, human and deity had fallen in the Godwar.

The blade of grass had prophesized that Illyria would one day be reborn, although it forgot to mention into what form she would be revived. Who knew grass would not be omniscient? Returning from her thoughts, Illyria is greeted by a man who claims to work for old clients of the Wolfram & Hart team. He promises Illyria to return her to her former godlike self, if only she could kill someone for his clients. Illyria only has to retrieve the old blades and helm to return her powers to their proper glory. She is sent to the town of Bete Noir where the first blade lies, but soon she will come to realize she has perhaps finally met her match.

The authors of the Whedonverse never cease to amaze with great storytelling, because filling out a character like Illyria is no easy task. Keep up the good work!


Goes On sale July 15th

John H

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