Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toy Review: SOTA Round 2 Vega Toy review

Back in 2005 SOTA toys released a critically acclaimed line of action figures to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Street fighter fighting game series. The second wave of these figures consisted of a strong selection of characters, from a variety of the games. There was Cammy and T.Hawk from the Super Street Fighter Series, and classic world Warriors Ken, Blanka and Vega. There is no doubt that the classic World Warrior characters are the most iconic and recognisable from all the Street Fighter games, so this was a particularly strong line up.

The Vega figure was probably the stand out figure in this line up for me. And that was remarkable since the entire wave was very strong. Each character had a different body and unique parts. There was also a great deal of variety between the figures scale wise which was very consistent with the games.

The Vega figure seems to have been sculpted more in line with his Alpha/Zero 3 appearance, but this is very subtle and does not in anyway alienate fans who perhaps may not have been so fond of that particular art style, and may have preferred his World Warrior look.

The figure stands at about 6 ½ inches tall, which is great and it feels perfectly scaled in comparison with the other figures. He also has a selection of accessories including a removable claw, an alternate head, 3 alternate hands, and his signature rose from the Alpha series.

The alternate head is unmasked, which is a welcome addition. Unfortunately the mask is not removable on the regular head, but this is a certainly a worthy substitute. And it also helps to reduce the chances of the mask accidentally falling off all the time, or getting lost.

The Rose is a very delicate accessory and could easily be lost. However one of his hands is sculpted in such a way where it fits inside the hand. It fits very well, but I would still suggest that anyone who chooses to display the figure with the rose to exercise caution because it is very easy to loose.

The SOTA Street Fighter figures featured an excellent level of articulation. And Vega was no exception. He features 31 points of articulation, which includes double jointed elbows and knees, an ab crunch and waist rotation. This is fantastic, because he has all the points he needs to create some of his more athletic and dynamic poses.

The paint application in this figure is also fantastic. To be honest, there really is very little fault on this figure.

Vega was easily one of the best toys that was released in SOTA's ill fated Street Fighter line and I would highly recommend this to any fan of the video games, or action figure collectors in general. It really is a spectacular action figure.

Review and photographs by: Dean René Middleton
Staff Reviewer

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