Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Comic Book Review: Doctor Who # 8 (IDW Publishing)

Tessaract: Part 2 of 2

Doctor Who #8 continues where the previous issue left off, as the Acari spaceship and the TARDIS are both at a standoff and forcibly merged within Fifth dimensional space. Not only has this act invaded the home of the mythical temporal creatures known as Tef’Aree, it creates a scenario where both ships are threatening to destroy each other, and destabilize the Tef’ Aree’s home dimension.

Of course all of this is just a ruse, as the main villain has set this scenario into play in order to obtain an artifact of unlimited power, capable of finishing off both the Shadow Proclamation and the Doctor. While the struggle for both power and freedom is quite evident in this story, the main villain’s motives behind such a move are still shrouded in mystery. For me, this is a major power grab, but to what degree? I mean you would think by now more would have been revealed about this grand scheme, but unfortunately it is not. To be continued I guess..??

I also feel there is a sense of competition for both power and recognition from the Doctor’s side as well via the two new companions Emily Winter and Mathew. Emily does not seek to be a hero, but she does come off as someone quite capable of getting the job done, if required. Mathew on the other hand, seems to be the “want to be hero”, who is either too late when it comes to saving the day, or feels unappreciated when it comes to actually being recognized for achieving such a goal. I understand why now the main villain manages to draw parallel lines between Mathew, Adrid, and Vislor Turlough. It’s feels like the old “Divide and conquer” trick, and only time will tell how this strategy will play into the villain’s grand scheme.

As I mentioned in my previous review of this series, the quality of the Tenth Doctor’s adventures seems to be improving, but yet I still find the minimalistic art to be very distracting. I know the devil is in the details, but it’s those little details which I find the most enduring.

Again, this is a great book for any David Tennant fans out there that are looking for the continuing adventures of Tenth Doctor. As for anyone else who wishes to pick up a copy, I do urge them to do so, and see what Doctor Who is all about.

Writer: Tony Lee
Artist: Al Davison

Ed Rondo
Senior Reviewer

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