Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Comic Review: Kill Audio #5 (Boom! Studios)

Once again I’m impressed and intrigued by the unfolding story in Kill Audio. As the story reaches its next to last issue with issue 5, Claudio Sanchez delves further into the reasons why the Void is trying to rid Sight and Sound of all art, especially the mixed up music world. Chondra Echert’s art once again contributes spot-on art that complements the cacophony and chaos surrounding Kill Audio and his compatriots.

It’s easy to tell from previous reviews of this title that I am a fangirl through and through, and with issue 5, I continue to jump up and down in delight when I read Kill Audio. It combines so well two of my favorite discussions: comics and music, and how they fit into the realm of art. Sanchez provides such insightful commentary amidst a raucous mix of action and humor that is so much fun to read. As this story begins, KA’s bony friend has been kidnapped, and his siblings are concerned about their brother Art. Seems he purchased some art at an art gallery, which is atypical behavior for the guy who’s supposed to be devoid of art and creativity. The plot thickens, but from there you’ll have to read for yourself.

If you haven’t been reading this book, what are you waiting for? Go find back issues and catch up before this series ends with issue 6 in March. You don’t want to miss it. It’s definitely not your typical capes and tights fare, but then I would expect nothing less from BOOM!

Stacey Rader
Senior Reviewer

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